What should I know before my son/daughter chooses a new apartment home?

A lease is a basic agreement between your child and the owner of the community. The lease is legally binding and enforceable through the legal system. If they choose to move out before the end of the lease terms, the resident could still be responsible to pay the remainder of the lease agreement.

What deposits are required?

A damage deposit of $1,000 is required at the time of application to our community. This is a refundable deposit, and is strictly used to deduct damages and any other balances after your child moves out. It can never be used towards rent or other fees accrued during the lease term. You also have the option to sign on as a guarantor, or co-signer, to your child’s lease. To apply as a guarantor, you must meet the following requirements: at least 7 years of established credit with a 600+ minimum credit score and no history of evictions or foreclosures, and a minimum of three times your child’s rent in gross income each month. Should you be approved as a guarantor at our community, the deposit will be entirely waived.

Is renters insurance required?

No, however it is encouraged. Renter’s insurance is a policy you can purchase to protect your child’s personal property in the case of a fire, flood, or other natural disaster. Per the liability clause in your son or daughter’s lease agreement, the apartment management/landlord is not liable for any belongings damaged. Replacement of your child’s belongings, if they are damaged, lost, or stolen, could be covered. The Crossing doesn’t not promote any specific insurance coverage company to use.

What does the apartment include?

Each lease agreement will include rental of a bedroom in each apartment that is fully furnished with full-size bed, desk with chair, dresser, and nightstand. The living/common area that will be shared by other roommates in the apartment will include a sofa, loveseat, coffee table, end table, dining table, and chairs. TVs are provided in the common area of the 3 bedroom apartments. All appliances will be provided as well, including full-size washer and dryer.

What utilities are my child’s responsibility?

In addition to the monthly rent, each resident will be responsible for only their portion of electric, water, and wastewater. The electric bill is split equally by the number of occupied bedrooms. So, for example, if all bedrooms are occupied in a four-bedroom apartment and the utility bill is $100, each roommate will be charged $25. Internet, pest control, and trash pickup are included in the monthly rent for no additional cost.

What is your pet policy?

We are no longer accepting pets.

What type of apartments are available?

The Crossing Apartments offers 3- and 4-bedroom floor plans.

How close is the community the Santa Fe College campus?

We are directly across from the campus on NW 83rd Street. We are approximately 43 steps from the campus.

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month, with the exception of August, in which rent is due on your child’s lease start date. The Crossings uses an installment lease, meaning that the lease runs for 12 installment payments of equal value, despite the first payment not being due until move-in day, to add up to an annual sum determined on your child’s first page of the lease. There is a three-day grace period before rent is late. Online rental payments through our Resident Portal can be automatically set up once the resident has moved in and the individual tenant codes have been supplied to the resident from the office staff.

Do you allow short-term leases?

Our standard lease agreement runs for 12 months, however we do offer other options for lease expirations—December 23 and May 30. All leases ending on these other dates are considered “short-term” and will come at an additional premium each month.

Do you allowing subletting?

Yes. However, the resident will be responsible for finding his/her own sublet. Once someone has agreed to take over the lease, both parties will work with the leasing team to complete any necessary paperwork.

Can my child pick their roommate?

It is not necessary to lease the apartment with other roommates. However, we are more than willing to accommodate those that already have roommates in mind. Roommate matching forms will be completed at the time of application. Our roommate-matching survey is used to best place each resident with another person that has the same interests based on his/her answers provided.

When is move-in day?

Please call our office for move in and move out dates.

Do you allow coed apartments?

We do not do coed roommate matching, however, if the apartment is fully leased with individuals who have given written consent, we can place your son or daughter with their preferred roommates, even if it is a coed living situation.

Do you allow non-students?

Yes, if a new resident does not attend school and meets all our approval criteria, he/she can also live at The Crossing Apartments.

What if my child doesn’t get along with his/her new roommates?

We suggest that the roommates have a discussion of boundaries immediately after moving in, even if they have known them for a long time. This will help with establishing guidelines for living together. We ask that roommates attempt to talk about any issues within the household prior to contacting the leasing office. If they are unable to resolve, the leasing team may be able to assist with the outcome on a case-by-case basis.

Does The Crossing Apartments provide security?

The Crossing Apartments provides limited-access entry to the community. However, it is the resident’s responsibility to lock up his/her personal belongings and vehicles.